About the journal

Aims and Scope
The aim of the Romanian Journal of Analytic Philosophy is to bring together the contributions of analytically oriented philosophers in every field of philosophy: metaphysics, logic, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, ethics, political philosophy, history of philosophy, aesthetics, etc. We use analytic philosophy „in a broad sense”, as it is proposed by the European Society of Analytic Philosophy. RJAP applies the methodology of double blind review.

The journal seeks to promote analythical philosophy in every field of inquiery. It features original articles, as well as case conferences, book reviews, editorials, correspondence, news and notes. To ensure international relevance the Romanian Journal of Analytic Philosophy has Editorial Board members from all around the world.
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Universitatea din București, Facultatea de Filosofie
Splaiul Independenței nr. 204, București, 060024
E-mail: redactia@srfa.ro

ISSN (ediția electronică): 1843-9969
ISSN (ediția tipărită): 1844-2218