Tag: history of analytic philosophy

Rejecting Wittgenstein’s Criticism against Russell’s Theory of Knowledge by AIDA ŞMALBELGHER

Download PDF Abstract. In this paper I reject Wittgenstein’s criticism of Russell’s theory of knowledge. First, I present the historical context in which Russell formulated his theory and Wittgenstein his criticism. Then, I attempt to show that Russell’s views had the potential to develop into an important conceptual scheme relating knowledge to mental phenomena. I…

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A Quasi-fregean Solution to ‘The Concept Horse’ Paradox by MIHAIL-PETRIŞOR IVAN

Download PDF Abstract. In this paper I offer a conceptually tighter, quasi-Fregean solution to the concept horse paradox based on the idea that the unterfallen relation is asymmetrical. The solution is conceptually tighter in the sense that it retains the Fregean principle of separating sharply between concepts and objects, it retains Frege’s conclusion that the…

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