Call for Papers - Logic and its Philosophy - Deadline March 1st, 2013


Logic and its Philosophy

Special Issue of the Romanian Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Guest Editors: Gheorghe Ştefanov and Iulian Toader (University of Bucharest)

The Romanian Journal of Analytic Philosophy
is hosting a special issue on philosophy of logic and philosophical logic.
The following is a list of suggested questions:

  •     Do we still need to justify induction?
  •     Is natural language validity reducible to logical validity?
  •     How can we accommodate the probabilistic approach to conditionals?
  •     How can we better understand quantification, existence, identity, and necessity?
  •     How should propositional attitudes (e.g., intentions) be considered from a logical point of view?
  •     What is the best way to account for adjectives, adverbs, numerals, proper names, general terms, and indexicals?
  •     What exactly provides the logical form of our sentences, and why? Is this logical form objective, and if so, why?
  •     Can formal grammar throw any light on the nature of logical form?
  •     Why is modern logic rather ignored in mathematical and scientific practice?
  •     What should/could formal logic still do for philosophy of science?
  •     Is modal logic needed to account for scientific laws?

Papers must be submitted by March 1st, 2013. Submissions, no longer than 9000 words, should be prepared for blind review, and accompanied by a title page including name, submission title, email address, and institutional affiliation.

Notification of acceptance will be sent out by May 1st, 2013.

For more information, please contact the Guest Editors at or

The Romanian Journal of Analytic Philosophy is a peer-review journal which aims to bring together the contributions of analytically oriented philosophers in every field of philosophy: metaphysics, logic, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, ethics, political philosophy, history of philosophy, aesthetics, etc. We use analytic philosophy „in a broad sense”, as it is proposed by the European Society of Analytic Philosophy.

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